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ANS INTERNATIONAL (H.K.) LTD., a professional manufacturer/exporter of PC CHASSIS and SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY, CPU COOLERS, HDD RACKS and SPEAKERS based in China. We do designing, injection, stamping, coating, assembling, marketing and also support a series of top quality products. ANS has always been striving towards excellence. In this respect, ANS ranks among the third cases and power supply producer in China and Taiwan consistently for the past years.

ANS R&D department is proud of its strong engineering background. We focus on developing new products for both potential and existing markets. We also emphasize on new product types, product functions, design and quality. Each year, we release an average of 25 new series of products. Our R&D equipments are sourced both locally and imported from Japan, Taiwan and HK. Based on our product development procedure, we have developed a team of experts to ensure that our products are manufactured to the most rigorous and highest standards imposed by the industry.

All materials and components are tested at each stage of production. We also conduct random checks on products before and after packaging, and product before delivery. Our QC and testing equipments are 100% imported from Japan.

Quality control begins at the moment we purchase our materials and components. The IQC commence with a vendor survey and sampling inspection. QC then proceeds to the material storage, followed by MFG's in-process quality control and QA's visual inspection and function test.

CNC Division

Our CNC (computer numerical control) division was established from year 2002. We offer comprehensive precision CNC machining manufacturing services on all types of mechanical, hardware, mold, parts among different industry, such as aerospace industry, communication industry, Household Electrical industry, medical industry, and 3C industry...etc.

Our factory with strongly OEM and ODM capability has been an one of aproved manufacturer by FOXCONN and other well-known companies.


No Facilities Specification Pcs Remark
1 CNC Maching Center VH-850L 30 12000RPM
2 CNC Maching Center L650 1 8000RPM
3 The 4th Axis   2  
4 Precision Tool Presetter VH-850L 1  
5 Grinding Machine LMM-10A 1  
6 Engraving Machine 405 2  
7 Semi-Automatic Channel-Dig Machine GOOD 1  
8 Table Drilling Machine ZQ4113 3  
9 Tapping Machine SWJ-12 3  
10 Pneumatic Tapping Machine   2  
11 Timesaver 1.2m 1  
12 Metal Polishing Machine JC-B02 2  
13 Honing Machine   9  
14 Assembly Line 500*6M 1  
15 Punch Machine LGN-200 2  
16 Punch Machine CSP-160 7  
17 Punch Machine CSP-110 9  
18 Punch Machine CSP-80 4  
19 Hydraulic Press Machine SJ-50 1  
20 Shearing Machine QJ-3*1500mm 3  
21 Tapping Machine SJ2-12 3  
22 Tapping Machine JA-16AT 6  

Inspection equipments:

No Model Specification Qty
1 2.5 million imager DMS-4030 1
2 Hardness Tester   1
3 Digital outside micrometer 0-25/50mm 2
4 Inside micrometer 5~30,25-30/40mm 3
5 Digital micrometer 0-10mm 20
6 Block gauge 0.05-100mm 1
7 Pin gauge 1.0-10.0mm 1
8 Dial Caliper 0-200mm 30
9 Dial Caliper 0-300mm 2
10 Vernier caliper 0-200mm 15
11 Vernier caliper 0-1500mm 1
12 Height guage 0-500mm 1
13 Granite surface plate 400*600mm 1
14 Granite surface plate 300*300*100mm 5
15 Caliber guage 0.05-1.0mm 3
16 Plug Screw guage For all regular spec. 2
17 Mechanical square 200*125mm 2
18 Universal bevel protractor   2
19 Toruqe gauge   2
20 Force measurement gauges   1



1.Quality Definition
Completely understanding and fulfill
customer's requirements without exception.
2.Quality Emphasis
2-1. Design in quality
2-2. Better components make better products
2-3. Statistically quality control
2-4. Immediately feedback system
3.Quality On Services
3-1. Technical supports
3-2. On-time Deliveries
3-3. Fast responses


* OEM Capability

OEM orders have been an important part of ANS INT'L production over the past years and it will continue to be important in the future. All of our products can be redesigned to suit specific needs and completely new products are often created at the request of our customers.

* Years of OEM Experience

More than 15 years

* Design Services Offered

Yes, please contact us for further information

# Buyer Label Offered

Yes, please contact us for further information

# Materials/Components

ANS INT'L sources materials and components from both Japan and Taiwan.

# Machinery/Production Process

Using the latest in production technology, ANS INT'L has created a semi-automated system of production that is cost effective, yet also utilizes the precision that can only be managed by experienced staff.

# Quality Standards & Approvals

CE, FCC Class B, ISO 9002

Room 1406 , 14/F , Fook Yip Building, 53-57 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
TEL: +852-2149-6099. FAX: +852-2419-0169. Email: info@ans-hk.com
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